Consultant Lena Ydmark AB offers development, training and evaluation of individuals, groups and organizations, through psychological knowledge and methods, and more than 20 years experience of practical work psychology.


If your organization needs insight and maturity, increased efficiency and development at leader, group or organizational level, Consultant Lena Ydmark AB customizes working arrangements along with you, so that you may achieve your expectations and goals.

Customer experiences

The company has a wide range of customers and has experience of major international and publicly listed companies, small development companies, family businesses, state and municipal organizations. The wide range of customers is a deliberate strategy to be able to work with many different cultures and values,


thereby being able to discern what are the needs developed by the company and what are human needs, valid for all. Another strategy is to work at different hierarchical levels in an organization in order to clearly describe how the decisions being made in executive rooms get real consequences.


Lena Ydmark is a licensed psychologist since 1990 and has continuously been developing her expertise every year, with a variety of psychology specific courses and methods.


In her network, skilled and experienced psychologists are available, for bigger and consultant resource consuming tasks.



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