Konsult Lena Ydmark AB cooperates with a number of different networks, some more often than others. The most important thing is that we share a common view of life and humanity and that we stand for similar leadership and educational values.


We appreciate each other's differences, both in terms of personality and professionalism. The company therefore has access to competent colleagues, both for larger assignments as well as missions requiring different skills than mine.


There is always more to learn, about and through ourselves and others. We learn by curiosity, respect and inclusiveness, by acknowledging the process and to become aware of how we act and interact with each other.


By learning more, understanding increases and therefore giving us opportunity to actively influence our lives.
The key words are Seriousness – Responsibility – Respect – Humbleness – Joy – Curiosity

The dialogue is the key tool!


Man – ever-developable, a life motivator.
The group – as a living system that constantly interact, both consciously and unconsciously with other parts.


The organization – a vibrant and more complex system, where all parts of the system affect each other in multiple dimensions simultaneously.
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